About Us

We are a group of Biotechnology Experts hailing from India who have decided to take Biotech education online Via our websites http://www.biotecnika.org & http://biotechbuddy.googlepages.com
Our team of experts comprises of faculty members of various Biotech colleges of India. We have taken up this project with a aim to build a Biotech encyclopedia which will be freely available to Biotech students as well as researchers through out the world.

As the initial step of this project, we created site http://biotechbuddy.googlepages.com on 11 october 2006 which met with grand success. After that successful venture we have entered in second phase of our expansion program, wherein we will be focussing on personalized career counselling for Biotech students, as well as placement assistance to them, we are also planning to organize Job fairs fro Biotech students in near future

If you are interested to join our expert panel, send in your resume with a passport size photograph to expert@biotecnika.org

Eligibility to Join expert Panel

NET JRF/DBT JRF / ICMR JRF or employed as a professor in any reputed Biotech college

Eligibility to Join junior expert panel

Msc Biotech / Bioinfo final year students