Academia Or Industry

One of the most common dilemmas encountered by researchers is opting for a career in academia or industry. Even though it seems like a piece of cake for a few, it can be daunting for others. There are plenty of varied options within each category and both have several advantages and disadvantages.

It is necessary to understand this differentiation and consider your career goals, personality, qualifications, and skills when choosing the right career path.

A Briefing On Academia & Industry

Academia deals with works pertaining to research in the higher education system like teaching university courses, running a laboratory, mentoring students, publishing peer-reviewed journals, and applying for grants. The science in this field can be applied, fundamental, or a blend of both.

Even industry deals with carrying out research activities, nonetheless, it is not linked with an academic organization. On the contrary, industrial researches in clinical and applied nature are generally conducted in start-up companies, organizations, and large corporations.

Comparing Working Scenario In Academia & Industry

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