Biotech Industry In India

Biotech Industry In India – An Overview

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India is one of the first few nations to have a dedicated department for Biotechnology. Furthermore, the Department has also established BIRAC – Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council which is a non-profit organization to enhance and empower arising Biotechnology ventures to carry out strategic research and development, by handholding them from ideation to the commercialization of their products/ technologies.

The Biotechnology sector in India is divided into 5 main sectors: BioAgriculture, BioIndustrial, BioPharma, and the combined segment of BioServices including CROs, BioIT, and Research Services.

India is amongst the top 12 destinations for biotechnology around the world. The sector makes up more than 2,700 biotechnology startups and more than 2,500 biotechnology companies. India has 665 FDA-authorized plants in the United States, 44% of the international abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA), and more than 1400 production units, which are docile with the World Health Organization.

The Department of Biotechnology began with a fairly moderate budget of between 40-60 million rupees, increasing tremendously to 24.1 billion rupees in 2018. The department has developed 17 Centres of Excellence in Bio-tech at institutes and universities across the nation, and established 8 biotechnology parks, or incubators, in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Mohali, etc.

The COVID-19 pandemic has even more raised the demand for biotechnology or other fields of life science to many folds. This field is an ever-growing field. Download eBook On – Biotech Industry In India – A 360 Degree Overview. Must have – ebook to know the complete scenario of the Biotech sector in India.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Biotech market size
  3. Recent developments & investments
  4. Government initiatives
  5. Biotech Agencies
  6. India’s advantages for the biotech industry
  7. Major milestones in the Indian biotech industry
  8. Major segments of the biotech industry
  9. Major services/products of the biotech industry
  10. Growth in the biotech industry
  11. The key driver for contributing to India’s $5 Trillion economy target by 2024
  12. India – a biotech growth catalyst
  13. Major trends in the Indian biotech industry
  14. Strategies adopted in the biotech industry
  15. Growth drivers in the biotech industry
  16. The biotech industry in focus in the 12th 5-year plan
  17. Regulatory framework of Indian biotech industry
  18. Important Policies
  19. Concept of the biotech park
  20. Investment Prospects in the Biotech Field
  21. Major Investors
  22. Competition in the Biotechnology Sector
  23. Global Framework of the Indian Biotech Sector
  24. Global Standing of Countries in the Biotech Sector
  25. Opportunities in the Biotech Industry
  26. Top Indian Biotech Companies
  27. How the Different States have Contributed to the Indian Biotech Sector
  28. Future of the biotech industry
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