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India’s Most visited BioSciences Portal is now ready for Personalized care

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Career VIP

INR 1,499.00 per Year.


Premium Content for ONE FULL YEAR
12 Months access to 2000+ Jobs, Exam Alerts, Admission Alerts, Premium Webinars, and Various other premium content from our India Edtion + Our Premium Newsletter BioTecNika Times

Membership expires after 1 Year.
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What’s Included in Premium Membership

Our experts have taken utmost care to include the Best facilities for you such as given below

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Exam Alerts

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Career Guide

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Career Clinic

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Free Certifications

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Premium T-Shirts

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Latest @ BioTecNika Premium

Check out what’s the latest alerts have been posted on Biotecnika Premium below:


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Biotecnika premium is a result of our Years of research and placement of bio Sciences professionals into companies. Come join us and see how we are changing the face of the biotech Industry – One bio professional at a time.