Important Questions You Must Ask During a Ph.D. interview

For Ph.D. admission, institutes and universities usually conduct interviews for selection of meritorious candidates. Once selected in an interview, the candidate will have to list their faculty preference as well. It is important to do a thorough check and match the guides interest with your interest. While at it, there may be a chance given where you may ask questions back to the panelist/faculties. Here are some examples of common questions that candidates may ask. Possible answers are also mentioned along with which you may receive from the interviewer. This will help you plan in advance to frame a counter-reply or additional questions during the interview. Remember, this is a crucial moment that will decide your research career, hence it is better to be prepared in advance for all stages.

Question 1: What are the supervision arrangements for the project?

Question 2: What kind of training and skills sessions are offered as part of the Ph.D. programme?

Question 3: Will I have opportunities to teach / present / publish?

Question 4: How many other Ph.D. students has this supervisor seen to completion?

Question 5: Are there likely to be any changes to the funding arrangements for the project?

Question 6: Is the university or department likely to run any events or other associated projects during the period of my PhD ?

Question 7: In case the CSIR/ICMR/ICAR fund completion date approaches and my project submission is not yet complete, will I be eligible for any stipend?

Question 8: Are there any collaborations of the supervisor’s lab with related international laboratory?

Question 9: What exactly will be my topic of research in the big repertoire work carried out in the supervisor’s lab?

Question 10: Have someone already done introductory work on your topic in the supervisor’s lab?

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