Is Our Society Ready For A Brain Transplant ? An In-depth Analysis


Welcome to another interesting podcast on the extensive platform of Voice of Biotecnika.

Today we will try to figure out whether our society is ready for the brain transplant? So people run your imagination and think! Won’t it be a scientific miracle to allocate life to a deceased or lifeless body by transplanting a healthy brain from a donor? ya?

But unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are numerous setbacks to this creative lifesaving innovation. Besides medical technicality associated, ethical issues can’t be ignored at all.

Before taking our journey ahead let us first understand what are the complexities associated with head body transplant which involves stitching someone’s head onto another person’s body just like many of you might have done in your childhood. Listen to this interesting podcast to get answers to all the above questions!

Also Meet the Man behind World’s 1st Human Head Transplant: Prof Dr. Sergio Canvero –


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