PhD Research Guide

PhD Research Guide – How To Get Started With Ph.D. – ebook Download

Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy is one of the prominent degrees offered at the highest academic level. Since it is an earned research degree, doctoral candidates need to present novel research that offers enlightening insights, generally in form of a dissertation or thesis and defend their study against adepts in that specific field. Generally, Ph.D. involves:

  • Literature review
  • Performing novel research and acquiring results
  • Thesis drafting and dissertation
  • Thesis defending

One of the significant aspects to keep in mind while performing Ph.D. research is to check whether the chosen research project is manageable. Make sure that the topic is original, interesting, and rewarding for the discipline. The ideal approach during a Ph.D. research is to keep an open dialogue with one’s colleagues & advisor. Communication is a crucial element that offers constructive feedback and new insights. At last bear in mind that the topic chosen with much difficulty may be altered entirely and that is absolutely not a bad thing. Once one begins acquiring primary sources and data, they will get to learn new things and make pioneering findings that will alter their thinking. This topic transformation can be challenging and puzzling at times, however, it is only for the betterment.

Importance of Ph.D. Research

Selecting the right Ph.D. research project is a bit difficult. It will affect the entire Ph.D. period and career path. Therefore

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