Problems Faced By Biotech Students

Problems Faced By Biotech Students In India

Biotechnology is a booming sector with incredible potential for advancement in various fields. The adaptation of biotechnology concepts and techniques into medical, agricultural, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial, and food has resulted in extremely progressive developments. These developments have not only given us better medicines and crops, but they have also given a huge push to fundamental scientific research. They have brought into the market innumerable products that sell like hotcakes. The Indian Biotech sector has made tremendous strides over the past few decades with many startups and innovations. However, we do have a long way to go before biotechnology is considered a major contributor to the country’s economy and more notable achievements are made.

India sees around 40,000 students graduating in Biotechnology every year. They may turn out to be budding scientists, industry professionals, dry lab experts, or excellent educators. Although, one cannot fulfill a dream without walking the journey. And this journey is the life of a student. As a student, you have several challenges that you face – some apparent and some inconspicuous. The field that you’ve chosen will certainly help you achieve your vision. But what are the challenges that you and thousands of biotechnology students face in India? Let’s Talk about them today and find out possible solutions.

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