Thank you for Making BioTecNika Prime a Huge Success.

Hello Biotecnikans,

All this while we have been saying your success is our achievement but this time we would happily say our success is what you all have helped us to achieve.

Yes, you heard it right. We owe you this grand beginning of Biotecnika Prime.

Since the past 12 years, Biotecnika has been helping the bioscience community in every possible way we can. And yet again we identified the one but the most prominent problem you all face everytime a new research idea takes a shape.

Hence after months of experimentation and brainstorming, we came up with Biotecnika prime where you can find all your research requirements under a single roof.

Biotecnika Prime is one stop solution where you can browse through the vast catalog of products and get the best price for them with the secured and guaranteed delivery time.

And guess what prime is an already the most searched and viewed website for ordering lab supplies.

Let’s have look on some of the interesting facts and figures about Prime.

In the 1st month itself, biotecnika prime got a big family of more than 200+ purchase orders and inquiries across the country.

We were able to serve all the orders through our offices stationed in Bangalore, Noida, Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai.

Prime is already working closely with more than 10 International and Indian Universities for the upliftment of research and this list goes on and on.

In its very 1st month of launching, we crossed 169 orders from various scientific institutions

Without the humongous support from you, prime would have not achieved this early success.

Thank you for helping Biotecnika Prime making this venture work for you all. We work meticulously to make this happen and help every researcher out there!

Because your Research is our responsibility and we have made this as our solemn vow!

Anuj Khurana
Team BioTecNika Prime

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