Top MSc Biotech Courses

Top MSc Biotech Courses You Can Opt For

Biotechnology first came into existence centuries ago. However, it’s in the 1970s that biotechnology became a prominent field in India. Since then, our country has seen so much progress and is on its way to becoming one of the foremost countries in terms of the biotech economy.

This is a common question we always get, what can I opt for in Biotechnology? What are the specific courses that have scope etc. So to answer all of your questions we have compiled this article for you. Let’s begin!

Considered as the “sunrise” sector, the Indian biotechnology sector is divided into 5 segments:

  • Bio-industrial
  • Bi-pharmaceutical
  • Agri-biotech
  • Bioinformatics or Bio-IT
  • Bioservices

While in 2020, the biotech industry in India was valued at $70 billion, it is expected to reach $150 billion in another 5 years. With more than 4 biotechnology science clusters, 9 biotech parks, and more than 55 bio-incubators for biotech companies, the sector is expanding rapidly.

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