Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Biology and Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases remain the world’s leading cause of morbidity and mortality, with 10 percent of all deaths per year reported being caused by HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and various other diseases. The danger posed by COVID-19 is currently witnessed, with outbreaks of novel Coronavirus leading to an unprecedented number of deaths and Infected cases across the globe.

Infectious organisms may be transmitted either by direct or indirect contact. It is very much important to understand the transmission mechanism in case of any infectious disease to curb its spread. In short, The Chain of Infection is fundamental to infection prevention and control in case of any infectious disease. the Chai of infection looks like below:

Biology and Transmission of Infectious Diseases

The most effective means to control the spread of infectious microorganisms is by breaking the chain of infection. Each microorganism poses a unique set of threats and symptoms. Efficient knowledge of a specific disease can help break the weakest link. The practice of advanced precautionary measures, aseptic techniques & sterilization procedures can prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

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